Sustainability At Loffredo Fresh Foods


Loffredo Fresh Foods is constantly looking for ways to make measurable strides in our goal of creating a greener tomorrow.

We want to ensure future generations enjoy the earth as much as our ancestors did when they founded our company 125 years ago.

  • Continue efforts to eliminate paper and energy by using our Warehouse Management System
  • Continually expanding our cardboard and recycling program
  • Recent Instillation of LED lighting throughout warehouse
  • New efficient battery charging stations for forklifts
  • Practice ongoing recycling efforts
  • Turn off lights as you leave all common areas i.e.; Breakroom, Bathrooms, Office, Hallways
  • Plastic water bottle reduction
  • Carpool and Bike to work day
  • DriveCam helps to monitor routes, promote safe driving, and eliminate excess braking and acceleration
  • RoadNet allows us to route stops in the most efficient way possible to save miles and fuel
  • Minimize water usage through improved operational procedures
  • Increased recycling solutions
  • Scrap program that delivers over 5 million pounds of scraps per year to local farms
  • Employee Garden